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Tackle your organization’s security posture at its root, improving defenses against cyber threats.

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High-end services to improve your cybersecurity.

  • Make ready to defend against advanced cyber threats.

  • Respond to cyber-attacks, quickly recovering your business operations.

  • Get stronger by carefully assessing your security posture.

Make ready

Red Teaming

Emulate potential adversary’s attack that can target your organization’s security posture.

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Penetration Testing

Identify ways to circumvent or defeat the security features of your application, system, or network.

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Phishing Attack Simulation

Gain visibility of your workforce’s Phishing awareness.

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Incident Response

Get expert support to handle critical security incidents. Setup a long-term strategy to stop recurrent attacks.

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Compromise Assessment

Investigate possible intrusions carried out by advanced threat actors (APT).

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Purple Teaming

Get our Red Team experts sitting alongside your Blue Team to correlate attacks and techniques with alerts.

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Get stronger

SOC Assessment

Test and validate your Security Operations Center’s defensive abilities against real world attacks.

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Cloud Security Assessment

Test and analyze your Cloud Infrastructure, ensuring it’s protected from any threats.

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Email Security Assessment

Assess your email security filters to prevent your employees' becoming vectors of threats.

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Our products

With our products your organization will always be safe


Keep pace with the latest word incidents through our advanced simulation platform: learn how to recognize cyber-attacks upon real-word scenarios.

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Equixly puts a virtual hacker into the application development lifecycle to spot business logic security flaws.

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What we offer

Cybersecurity experts to protect your business.

Tailor-made Services

We design solutions to meet specific customer’s needs and improve their protection against cyber threats.

High-Quality Standards

We embrace the zero defects philosophy, working toward excellence in our assignments.

Innovative Offering

We explore new ways to build better cyber products and services to fortify our client’s security posture.

Specialized Staff

We promote a culture of continuous learning to expand knowledge, develop new skills and acquire certifications.

We can benchmark the security level of any given organization.

We gained experience from countless activities and security tests completed in various organizations operating in multiple contexts.

About us

Cybersecurity professionals at your disposal

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Since 2014 we have been working with our customers to shield their critical business infrastructures. We are qualified security specialists with a strong commitment to addressing our clients’ needs, and keeping them secured against today’s cyber threats.